Up Rotomat Office Quality Mgmt Made by Hanel


Hanel Rotomat.The Principle

Each Rotomat is designed according to the tried-
and-tested carousel principle, i.e. the goods are
brought to the operator and not vice versa.
This saves time.

The compact construction allows vast storage capa-
city to be accommodated on minimal floor space by
making use of the available room height.
This saves costs.

1 Mechanical view of carrier rotation
2 Multifunctional carriers with changeable interiors
3 Internal drive mechanism
4 Dual motor drive
5 Stainless steel (V2A) work counter
6 Hanel safety rocker switch
7 Light barriers in BWS-S design
8 Microprocessor control keypad
9 Wiring cabinet
10 Multifunctional positioning system
11 Lockable sliding doors
12 Environmentally friendly powder coated paint
13 Maintenance access door at front of unit
Animation Rotomat Prinzip

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